AtlanTecRF Adds New Connector Options for its Standard Cable Assembly Range

AtlanTecRF has expanded its range of cable connector options for its standard cable assemblies. New connectors include SMA Male Straight, SMA Male R/A, SMA Female Bulkhead, Type N Male Straight, N Male R/A, N Female Bulkhead. These are in addition to the standard SMA Male Connectors already offered across AtlanTecRF’s cable range.

The new connector options can be applied to AtlanTecRF’s ASR, ASF and AFX cable series. AtlanTecRF’s ASF series of re-formable coaxial cable assemblies provides the microwave system designer with a versatile solution to equipment and subassembly cabling without the need for a detailed design of semi-rigids. With a copper/tin composite outer conductor the cable can be hand formed in situ.

AtlanTecRF’s ASR series of reformable coaxial cable assemblies offers a solid tin-plated aluminium outer conductor so the cable can also be hand formed in position. The flexible coaxial cable assemblies provide the designer with a versatile solution to equipment and sub-assembly cabling. With a braided outer conductor over a silver plated spiral strip the cable can be repeatedly flexed.

All cables are supplied in two different O/D sizes of nominal 0.086 and 0.141 inches. They are also available in standard lengths from two to sixty inches. Beyond the standard product range, customization is achievable with features including special lengths, phase matching, and ident sleeves.

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