ADRF Partners with Sirqul to Add Cellular Data Capabilities into its IoT Platform

Advanced RF Technologies has announced its acceptance into the Sirqul's Strategic Alliance Partner Program. By collaborating with ADRF, Sirqul has enhanced its IoT platform capabilities by incorporating data from the cellular connections ADRF provides.

Sirqul is an engagement-as-a-service IoT provider that offers software and a bundled set of vertical solutions, which combine with mesh networks to track and identify an individuals behavior, location, and intent. This can range from identifying the exact whereabouts of a fan at a sports stadium to deliver food to enabling autonomous robots to navigate industrial warehouses and factories, as well as be monitored.

ADRF's technology enables Sirqul to incorporate data from 3G and 4G adding redundancy to the network, while creating new opportunities for venues and buildings that aren't equipped to provide WiFi. Through the partnership, Sirqul will be able to leverage ADRF's expertise in deploying successful wireless solutions and mission-critical technologies in public arenas, apartment complexes, smart buildings, and professional sports stadiums to enhance their platform offering.

ADRF is the latest addition to the Strategic Alliance Program, which includes companies such as Intel, Siemens, and Level 11. For more information, click here.

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