Qorvo's Distributed Wi-Fi Increases Mesh Performance and Service Quality for Operators

Qorvo is enabling the expansion of distributed Wi-Fi solutions in the home through its portfolio of 802.11ax products that improve Wi-Fi coverage, enabling smaller devices and reducing costs. These products include Wi-Fi front end modules, Wi-Fi BAW 2.4 GHz bandedge and LTE coexistence filters, and Wi-Fi integrated front end modules (iFEMs).

Distributed Wi-Fi networks, also known as Wi-Fi mesh, use multiple routers to spread Wi-Fi signals throughout the home. Qorvo maximizes the output power of in-home Wi-Fi signals while simultaneously optimizing their efficiency and lowering power consumption. The company's Wi-Fi modules enable consumers to fully utilize the frequency band, whereas competitive products with sub-par filters have trouble accessing the full spectrum.

As a result, Qorvo technology delivers expanded coverage and reduced energy costs for consumers, while service providers and manufacturers benefit from improved customer satisfaction and fewer service calls and truck rolls.

Qorvo’s distributed Wi-Fi mesh solutions are in production, and have secured multiple design wins, including several top equipment providers that connect millions of consumers around the world.

Qorvo products that solve the IoT’s toughest RF challenges are on display at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 9-12.

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