Ampleon and Sivers IMA to Provide 5G mmWave Solutions for Telecom Market

Sivers IMA has announced a new partnership with Ampleon to provide the best possible 5G mmWave RF solutions for the telecom market.

Ampleon is one of the leading global suppliers of sub 6 GHz RF power solutions for cellular base stations. They have the top 5 macro cell telecom network OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) as their customers. Ampleon and Sivers IMA will work together to provide a world class 5G mmWave infrastructure solution that will address many different 5G use cases. Ampleon will work with their customer base to ensure that the right products are developed according to their customers’ specifications in time for the 5G mmWave market. 

Sivers IMA develops, manufactures and sells cutting-edge chips, components, modules and subsystems based on proprietary advanced semiconductor technology in microwave, millimeter wave and optical semiconductors. Combining Ampleon’s vast knowledge with Sivers IMA mmWave expertise will create a truly exciting partnership.


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