NXP Enables NFC Experience for DROPMIX Music-Mixing Game from Hasbro & Harmonix

NXP Semiconductors has collaborated with Hasbro and video-game developer Harmonix Music Systems to deliver NFC technology in the DROPMIX game. This fast-paced, music-mixing game empowers players to create unique mixes with hit songs by playing NFC chip-enabled cards on a game board connected to a mobile app.

With physical cards developed jointly with Paragon ID (and manufactured using a groundbreaking method developed by NXP), the DROPMIX gaming experience blends physical and digital play to give players a fresh way to combine their favorite artist and songs and discover new ones. When a DROPMIX Card is placed on a Mix Slot, the electronic DROPMIX Board immediately starts playing the corresponding part of the song (bass, beat, loop or vocals) noted on the card. The board reads up to five DROPMIX Cards at a time, and the proprietary software in the app seamlessly combines the music within each card to create a unique mix.

DROPMIX cards feature some of the biggest hits in Pop, R&B, Dance, Indie, Country, Rock and Hip-Hop from around the world that players can combine in unexpected ways. The game introduces a new way to collect, discover and combine favorite music tracks using these cards and with NXP’s full end-to-end NFC solution consisting of both the NFC reader and chips at the heart of enabling the game, the technology ensures cards can be read quickly and reliably.

For gaming developers, NXP’s NFC technology offers a simple, cost-effective way to bring new services, accessories, and experiences in toys and gaming for their customers. According to the company, the opportunities for NFC gaming applications are limitless as developers are now beginning to realize the potential return on investment that NFC offers. NXP has long been a key technology leader and its successful collaboration on DROPMIX is a perfect example of how the collaboration and NFC technology continues to break new ground.

Hasbro will debut a convention exclusive DROPMIX card featuring music from the 1980s TRANSFORMERS television show, in limited quantities for CES 2018 event attendees in Las Vegas. Attendees can also try their hand at making the ultimate mix with DROPMIX at the NXP booth from January 9-12.

Publisher: everything RF
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