Ventev to Showcase Advanced Wireless Fast Charging Capabilities at CES 2018

Ventev Mobile, the maker of premium mobile accessories, is set to feature its fast wireless chargers, USB Type-C chargers, and advanced new cables, at the CES 2018 event. Amongst the highlights from Ventev will be its new wireless charging stand, the wireless pro dock for cars, and a range of USB Power Delivery and Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Technology accessories.

The chargers, cables, and docks on display will include the following:

The Ventev Wireless Charge Stand is one of the fastest universal wireless chargers on the market. Its slim charging puck houses a low-profile charging coil that takes advantage of all three major wireless charging standards—Qi, PMA, and Fast Wireless Charging—to deliver 15 watts of power. Three times more powerful than conventional wireless chargers, the wireless charge stand is also fully adjustable, charging phones of all sizes in landscape or portrait mode at two different angles, or flat on a table.

The wireless charging car kit, the Wireless-Pro Dock, is Ventev’s universal 15-watt car charger. It secures a phone with spring-loaded arms, and clips to a car’s air vents with a longer arm that makes sure air flows from the vents. Capable of charging wirelessly through Qi, PMA, and Fast Wireless Charging, the wireless pro dock delivers more power than most wireless chargers, which have traditionally been 5 watts. That means phones and tablets will charge while streaming music or using GPS in the car, unlike other wireless chargers that might only slow the battery drain during heavy use. The wireless pro dock is bundled with a 3-foot 3-inch, tangle-free charge sync cable, and a dash port rq1300.

The Charge Stand 3000c is the next-generation device originally developed through a crowd-funding campaign. Based on the extremely popular Micro USB and Apple Lightning versions, the latest version is a USB Type-C charger, a 3,000 mAh portable battery and charging stand in one convenient device. It cradles phones upright in landscape or portrait mode, allowing users to keep an eye on their device hands free. It’s perfect for watching movies on a plane, or propping up the phone as an alarm clock in a hotel.

The Wall Port PD1300 harnesses the power of USB Type-C to deliver up to 45 watts of power. It eliminates the need to carry different chargers for laptops, tablets, and phones—because the Wall Port PD1300 can charge all three. The Dash Port PD1300 takes full advantage of the latest USB Power Delivery standards for the car, so that users can charge their phone, laptop, or tablet while driving, with up to 27 watts of power. The Wall Port RQ1300 is compatible with ultra-fast Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology, which charges devices four times faster than conventional USB charging. It also rapid charges Apple devices. The Dash Port RQ1300 mini is a slim but powerful car charger. It’s Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology certified, but is also universally compatible, capable of delivering 12 watts to Rapid Charge iPhones and iPads. There’s even an illuminated USB port to guide plug-in.

Ventev Powercell 6010+ is a slim portable battery and wall charger that has the juice to provide nearly two full charges for standard flagship phones. It is available with USB Type-C or Apple Lightning connections, with a charging connector that tucks neatly into the device for storage. When used as a battery, it can charge devices on-the-go nearly as fast as a wall charger, while folding prongs make it easy and convenient to store in a bag or briefcase.

Ventev has also extended its line of ChargeSync cables to include a new C<->C connector in white to match Google’s line of phones, as well as a jet black color option and 10-foot cable for its line of ChargeSync alloy cables. A line of cables paired with Nite Ize Gear Tie Cordable Twist ties to enhance cord management was also announced.

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