Sierra Wireless AirPrime Modules Receive Certification for T-Mobile NB-IoT Networks

Sierra Wireless AirPrime WP77 embedded wireless modules have now been certified to operate on T-Mobile’s NB-IoT network.

NB-IoT, part of the 3GPP standard for Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networks, supports large-scale IoT deployments such as smart city services, smart metering, supply chain management, and industrial equipment monitoring. LPWA has been embraced by leading global carriers, which helps build a broad base of ecosystem partners, devices and applications for global markets.

Advantages of LPWA compared to traditional cellular connectivity options include:

  • Longer battery life targeting up to 10 years
  • Better coverage for IoT devices underground and deep inside buildings
  • Reduced module and deployment cost.

T-Mobile’s NB-IoT network in the U.S. makes cellular the superior option for connecting IoT solutions, which will benefit existing applications and enable many new ones. The Sierra Wireless WP77 module will help customers take advantage of NB-IoT’s improved coverage and battery life, with dramatically simplified development for applications like secure gateways for smart homes and cities.

The WP77 module also supports LTE-M (Cat-M1) with 2G fallback, an integrated GNSS receiver, and comprehensive set of interfaces for connecting sensors with a dedicated application CPU core running the Linux-based open source Legato application framework. It is fully compliant with the 3GPP Release 13 standard and footprint compatible with all 3G and 4G (Cat-1/3/4) WP Series.

These modules are now certified to operate on T-Mobile’s NB-IoT network, which is live in Las Vegas (for CES 2018) and will be nationwide mid-year.

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