Sivers IMA Join Hands with Fujikura Ltd to Develop mmWave 5G Products

Sivers IMA has entered into a partnership with Fujikura Ltd, a multi-billion-dollar Japanese electrical equipment manufacturing company to advance the development and sales of mmWave 5G products. Both companies will contribute to the development of highly competitive products for the 5G mmWave market, that offer the best price and performance.

Fujikura is known for the development of low loss polymer-based multilayer substrates which are ideal for mmWave waveguides and antennas. Combining Fujikura antenna solutions with Sivers IMA mmWave RFIC technology will secure a state of the art 5G RF solution. The combination of these RF technologies provides a very good compliment to the technology from the other 5G partners, which will further secure a great position within this future growth market.

The number of 5G subscriptions is forecasted to reach 1 billion by the end of 2023 1 and mmWave is a key technology in 5G networks that will be used for backhaul, fronthaul, small cells and fixed wireless access applications. The rollout of 5G networks is expected to accelerate from 2020.