New Wireless Power and Charging Solution Delivers up to 35 Watts of Power Across 100 mm Gaps

Solace Power, a developer of resonant capacitive coupling wireless power transfer technology has introduced the Equus35, the first in a family of complete wireless charging solutions delivering 35 watts of power across gaps of more than 100 mm. The product was launched at the recently concluded CES 2018 event in Las Vegas.

Solace's Resonant Capacitive Coupling (RC2) technology represents a series of breakthroughs enabling single- and multi-device power transfer without heating surrounding metal. The first release in this new series is designed to excel in harsh, low variability environments. This next generation technology delivers scalable power for use in applications such as industrial and warehouse automation, automotive systems, portable medical devices, reconfigurable furniture plus traditional wireless power applications.

The solution delivers a collection of unparalleled wireless charging features including:

  • 35W of usable power through Solace's proprietary transmitter and receiver
  • Guaranteed power across gaps of more than 100mm and end-to-end efficiency exceeding 70%
  • Ultrathin, lightweight and adaptable electrode configurations
  • Built-in foreign object detection
  • Designed and tested to meet CISPR and FCC approval

The Equus35 solution is the first in a family with additional product releases to follow later this year.