Pasternack Introduces Quick Connect Attenuators with QMA, QN and 4.3-10 Connector Interfaces

Quick Connect AttenuatorsPasternack has released a new line of attenuators for quick mating and easy installation. These quick connect attenuators are available with QMA, QN or 4.3-10 connector interfaces. They are ideal for DAS systems, remote radio heads (RRHs), base stations and antenna applications.

These attenuators support operating frequency ranges from DC to 6 GHz with attenuation values from 0 to 20 dB and a VSWR as low as 1.15:1. The 4.3-10 attenuator models can handle up to 15 watts of power with low-PIM performance.

These quick connect attenuators eliminate the need for wrench or torque for coupling. They are easy to screw-on and allow for hand-tightening, which improves installation flexibility. These attenuators are ideal for telecommunication, industrial, defense and aerospace industries. The QMA and QN models are constructed of brass tri-metal, 4.3-10 attenuators are made of anodized aluminum. All models meet IP67, ingress protection rating, requirements.

Pasternack's quick connect attenuators are in stock and ready for immediate shipment with no minimum order quantity. Click here to see this product range of Quick Connect Attenuators.

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