Cloud-Based Wi-Fi Network Planning Tool Helps Optimize Signal Coverage

Leading provider of high-performance, versatile networking solutions, EnGenius Technologies has introduced a new Wi-Fi planning tool called ezWiFi Planner.

As connected devices and demand for Wi-Fi continues to grow, network design is critical for optimal performance to meet client demands. The latest offering from EnGenius allows users to design, analyze, and optimize their wireless networks. This intuitive and easy-to-use site-design tool is offered license-free to EnGenius partners, setting it apart from comparable industry tools.

The ezWiFi Planner is ideal for designing optimal performance with indoor and outdoor projects. Its algorithms intelligently calculate optimal coverage area and help with ideal access point choice and placement. It offers color coded heat maps to visualize signal strength and coverage of a deployment. Whether you are a novice or an expert in the wireless industry, the ezWiFi Planner makes it easy to generate expertly designed plans that are ready to deploy.

The Planner compliments the End-to-End solution from EnGenius which offers industry expert support along with the tools and resources that empower partners to confidently plan, deploy and manage their wireless networks. Click here to learn more about ezWiFi Planner.