Hitachi to Receive SD-WAN Network Solution from NTT Communications for Global Business Expansion

NTT Communications (NTT Com) will be delivering its SD-WAN solution for Hitachi’sGWAN” global network used in about 40 countries and regions from January 22. The solution will be deployed in 1,000 offices, making it one of the largest-scale solutions of its kind ever to be delivered in Japan. One of the offerings in NTT Com’s SD-WAN lineup, the solution leverages Master’s ONE CloudWAN provided by NTTPC Communications.

The solution uses SD-WAN created with software defined networking (SDN) technology to control network environments that will automatically allocate MPLS network and Internet usage according to communication needs.

Features Include:

  • Enhanced Agility: NTT Com’s solution will enable flexible and speedy system changes in Hitachi global organization. Utilizing a control panel, users will be able to reconfigure the network structure and routers of 1,000 offices within just several tens of seconds to five minutes.
  • Optimized Network Bandwidth: The solution will optimize GWAN’s network bandwidth with a breakout function that uses Internet, such as public clouds, directly from offices instead of data centers. The benefits will include greater operational flexibility for GWAN and increased business speed within the Hitachi group.
  • Strengthened Security: The solution’s segmentation function will enable Hitachi’s network to be divided by system or group company. In the case a cyber-attack, for example, this would help to minimize the impacted area instead of allowing the attack to spread throughout GWAN.

Going forward, NTT Com will work with Hitachi to deploy network functions virtualization (NFV) technologies for a solution to operate cloud-based security equipment, including firewalls, both in Japan and overseas. Hitachi group is providing solutions to answer social issues and delivering in a broad range of business including electric power, infrastructure systems, information & telecommunication systems, construction machinery, high-function materials, and much more. It is working to leverage digital technologies such as big data and AI for Social Innovation Business that combine IT and operational technology, one of the company’s strengths.

Looking to the future, Hitachi determined that it vitally needed to strengthen its network infrastructure to better support their broad range of business. In particular, its GWAN network infrastructure used in some 40 countries and regions was experiencing issues with flexibility and agility, such as the speed of changing network structure and equipment, as well security. NTT Com’s solution will enable Hitachi to address these issues and capably expand its global businesses.

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