PIC Wire & Cable Launches Low Loss, Highly Shielded, Light and Flexible RF Aerospace Cable

PIC Wire & Cable, a division of The Angelus Corporation, specializing in aerospace cable, connectors and assemblies, has introduced its new RFMATES ULTRALITE UH25107 cable. The UH25107 is PIC Wire & Cable's lowest loss RF cable and provides major weight and loss savings over traditional RG cables.

UH25107 is a 50 ohm RF aerospace cable that is highly shielded, light and flexible. The cable's sophisticated design yields low loss characteristics that make it a robust solution for systems requiring a low dB loss budget for antenna runs, like SATCOM and Iridium systems. In addition, it provides significant cable weight savings over competitor cables and can save 60% or more in weight over similar RG cables.

The UH25107 is the newest cable of the growing RFMATES ULTRALITE product family. For more information on UH25107 and other RFMATES ULTRALITE product specifications or cable samples, click here.