China Telecom, State Grid, and Huawei Jointly Release Report on 5G Network Slicing for Smart Grids

China Telecom, China’s State Grid, and Huawei have jointly released a report which details results of the 5G network slicing project, a major national initiative. Entitled 5G Network Slicing Enabling Smart Grid, the initiative marks a new stage of cooperation between operators and China’s electric power industry in the 5G field. It illustrates challenges encountered during smart grid development, potential application scenarios of 5G network slicing in smart grids, and analysis from the aspect of 5G network slicing and smart grid.

This report elaborates the service features and technical specifications in different smart grid applications emerging in the 5G era. 5G network slicing technologies allow for intelligent operation of the power grid. The 5G core network provides network slices with differentiated capabilities to fulfill the communication requirements of new services in specific scenarios. In addition, 5G network slicing enables grid utilities to control and manage network resources visually in the entire process, which significantly decreases the 5G network slice deployment cost and promotes application innovation for a smarter grid.

The three parties will continue to work together to develop solutions for typical services and further verify the 5G network slicing capabilities in power grid service instances. They aim to build, on top of 5G network slices, a world-leading, green, smart grid featuring low carbon, high efficiency, great convenience, and robust reliability.

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