New Tool Aids the Development of Bluetooth Low Energy Devices

Synapse, has launched BlueSee, a cross-platform tool, available as a phone and desktop application, for easy debugging and testing during the development of Bluetooth low energy (Bluetooth LE) devices.

BlueSee decouples firmware testing and application development for both professional and hobbyist IoT and peripheral developers, by providing a scriptable interface to interact with Bluetooth LE devices. BlueSee can be used throughout the development process, from proof-of-concept and development phases to final testing.

Using BlueSee, developers can view, filter, connect to, and interact with any discoverable Bluetooth LE devices within range. Unlike other cross-platform Bluetooth LE debugging tools on the market, BlueSee provides a filtration option for advertised services, which are automatically generated from scan results and from any scripts the user has installed.

Once connected, the BlueSee scripting interface - the first of its kind - takes over, providing easy access to any recognized services. Scripts are universal, running BlueSee across any platform it supports. This means, for instance, that the same script used on a MacBook will also work on an iPhone.

BlueSee provides scripts for several common Bluetooth LE services, including device information, time/date, battery level and heart rate, as well as access to generic unknown services. It uses the Lua scripting API to customize the interface and interactions for services of a device. For more information about BlueSee, including a user guide, click here.

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