Qualcomm to Provide RF Front-End Solutions to Chinese Mobile Manufacturers

At Qualcomm’s China Technology Day, Qualcomm Technologies signed four memoranda of understanding (MoU) wherein Lenovo, OPPO, vivo and Xiaomi expressed interest in the purchase of Qualcomm's RF Front End (RFFE) components with a value of $2 billion over the course of three years. Any obligation to purchase and supply these components is subject to the execution of subsequent definitive agreements.

Qualcomm Technologies’ RFFE components constitute a rich portfolio of comprehensive, system-level modem-to-antenna RF front-end platform solutions, which are designed to enable OEMs to rapidly build mobile devices at scale for easy global expansion. The scope of its broad RF front-end platform include GaAs Power Amplifiers (PA), Envelope Trackers, Multi-Mode PA and modules, RF switches, discrete filters and filter-rich modules, and antenna tuners across cellular and connectivity technologies.

In addition to MoUs, Qualcomm shared information surrounding its upcoming 5G Tunable RF front-end as part of its 5G roadmap. The break-through 5G Tunable RF front-end is designed to enable OEMs to differentiate their 5G products with thinner design, higher performing system-level expertise and 5G product readiness.

RF front-end technology is critical to the experiences users expect on their mobile phones. Qualcomm's comprehensive RF front-end portfolio delivers industry-leading mobile solutions that support the current mobile ecosystem, as well as address the rapidly expanding complexity and challenges of 4G LTE Advanced and 5G networks. The comprehensive modem-to-antenna RF front-end portfolio is designed to help Chinese OEMs to move away from RF front-end technology based on a component approach to one focused on a system-level modem-to-antenna approach which is required for 5G RFFE solutions. Now, with Qualcomm Technologies’ comprehensive system-level modem to antenna solutions, Chinese OEMs can design mobile devices with wider frequency range, greater capacity, enhanced coverage and cutting-edge power efficiency to address 4G LTE Advanced technology demands, as well as upcoming 5G networks.

This announcement was issued as part of Qualcomm’s China Technology Day, in which Qualcomm discussed the global future of mobile technology and how the expanded adoption of RFFE technologies will play an integral role in the rapid evolution to 5G.


  • Country: United States
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