Anokiwave Introduces 26 GHz 5G mm-Wave Reconfigurable 256-Element Active Antenna Array

Anokiwave 5G

Anokiwave has added a new product to its family of mmW Phased Array Antenna Innovator’s Kits. The AWA-0142 is a 256-element, reconfigurable active electronically scanned antenna covers the 24.25 - 27.5 GHz band, delivers +60 dBmi (1 KW) of EIRP with an effective Rx NF of 5dB. The Anokiwave Active Antennas are the first commercially available family of phased-arrays that enable the development and measurement of radio links and channel models, as well as for rapid prototyping and testing of electronically beam-steered radio links through low-latency beam update rates.

Developed with Ball Aerospace for mmW 5G wireless markets, the AWA-0142 includes an integrated controller that can steer the beams to predetermined positions within a wide scan volume with minimal latency and system sensitivity. The AWA-0142 Innovator’s kits are available now. Customers may also license the technology for their own array development activities. Click here to know more.


  • Country: United States
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