AirFuel Alliance Launches Program to Help Developers Bring Wireless Charging Solutions to Market

AirFuel Alliance, the leading alliance for wireless charging solutions is launching a new AirFuel Developer Program and Developer Forum to make it easier for companies around the world to design, develop, and bring to market products with AirFuel Resonant and RF technologies.

The AirFuel Developer Program includes online and hands-on support to help foster innovation and create a broader ecosystem of commercialized products and public infrastructure solutions, beginning with Resonant technology.  It will incorporate several of AirFuel's existing development initiatives, such as product testing and certification, with new developer support and resources that make it faster and more cost-effective to certify and bring to market Resonant and RF-based solutions.

AirFuel has also created a new, annual AirFuel Developers Forum. The three-day event (day one is open to the public; days two and three are for AFA members) takes place March 14-16, 2018 at the Kempinski Hotel Shenzhen in Shenzhen, China and features speakers from Energous, EPC, Huawei, IDC, Qualcomm, and WiTricity, to name a few.  

Using a combination of demos, working sessions, technical deep dives, and case studies, this year's Forum will introduce OEMs, ODMs, and designers to industry experts and focus on how to integrate Resonant technology into their products. Attendees will learn about key features and benefits of AirFuel Resonant, system architecture and key performance indicators, good design practices, standards compliance and interoperability testing, and regulatory testing and certification.

The first Developer Forum is being held in China to underscore the momentum for AirFuel Resonant technology in that region. AirFuel has seen a significant increase in Resonant product and infrastructure development throughout Southeast China and Taiwan and there are tens of thousands more expected in 2018. By 2021, projections show Resonant adoption growing over 240 percent, with major expansions in hospitality, dining, travel and automotive industries, worldwide. For more information on the AirFuel Developer Program and the AirFuel Developers Forum, click here.