MACOM and ST to Bring GaN on Silicon to Mainstream RF Markets and Applications

MACOM and STMicroelectronics have entered into an agreement under which STMicroelectronics will manufacturer GaN (Gallium Nitride) on Silicon wafers which will be used for a number of RF applications. While expanding MACOM’s source of supply, the agreement also grants to ST the right to manufacture and sell its own GaN on Silicon products in RF markets outside of mobile phone, wireless basestation and related commercial telecom infrastructure applications.

Through this agreement, MACOM will increase its Silicon wafer manufacturing capacity and improve their cost structure which could help displace incumbent Silicon LDMOS and accelerate the adoption of GaN on Silicon in mainstream markets. ST and MACOM have been working together for several years to bring GaN on Silicon production to ST’s CMOS wafer fab. Sample production from ST for GaN on Silicon wafers is expected to begin in sometime this year.


  • Country: United States
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