Firefly LiFi to Demonstrate 1 Gbps LiFi Solutions at the Global LiFi Congress

Firefly LiFi is demonstrating its SecureLink LiFi solutions - including a live demonstration of its first longer distance LiFi bridge for 5G LTE small cells, enterprise building connectivity, and security camera backhaul at the Global LiFi Congress tradeshow in Paris. LiFi is one of the hottest new technologies emerging in the electronics industry, since the technology utilizes light to transmit data instead of radio frequency methods, such as WiFi.

Firefly’s technology is applicable for both highly secure indoor wireless communications - such as conference room and office connectivity - and license-free outdoor 5G small cell and WiFi backhaul applications, supporting ubiquitous wireless coverage in metropolitan environments without the need for radio frequency spectrum or licensing. Firefly also has LiFi patents in the automotive and transportation sector. Its SecureLink is already shipping, and has been tested at speeds surpassing all other commercially available LiFi systems.

SecureLink products, which operate at data rates exceeding 1 Gbps, are 25 times faster than the nearest competitor’s LiFi solution - which is advertised at just 40 Mbps. Also, SecureLink claims to be far more secure than competing LiFi systems because it doesn’t use traditional 802.11 WiFi protocol, which other LiFi systems are based on. Thus, avoiding the 802.11 WiFi cybersecurity issues which have made WiFi so vulnerable that people have been instructed not to access WiFi in some environments. Click here to know more about Firefly LiFi.

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