Spectrum-NET from Spectrum Effect Enables Better RF Network Performance and Quality for Elisa

Spectrum Effect, a pioneer in RF spectrum analytics, has completed a successful trial of its Spectrum-NET machine learning solution with Elisa, a telecommunications, ICT and online service company operating in Finland and Estonia.

Spectrum-NET automatically detects, characterizes, locates and assesses the impact of external and unintended internal RF interference in mobile networks. It operates throughout multi-vendor LTE and UMTS networks on a continual basis without service interruption or dependency on external probes. The successful trial utilizing Spectrum-NET to analyze Elisa’s mobile network uncovered numerous instances of external and unintended internal RF interference, including previously undetectable passive inter-modulation (PIM) interference. The elimination of external interference from their network enables Elisa to realize the full value of its spectrum and continue to deliver on their promise to exceed customers’ expectations.

Spectrum Effect will demonstrate Spectrum-NET and select trial results at Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona from 26 Feb – 01 March.