These 3 GHz Sector Antennas for WISP Networks are Ideal for Crowded Cell Towers

WISP antennas and accessories manufacturer, KP Performance Antennas, has unveiled new high performance, 3 GHz sector antennas for use in WISP networks.

KP's expanded line of 3 GHz sector antennas consists of four new models including the KP-3SX4-65 quad-port 18 dBi sector, the KP-3S3S-65SA which features two 3 GHz antennas in one radome,  the KP-3DP65S-45 18 dBi Dual Polarized sector, and the KP-3DP120S-45 3 GHz sector which is specially designed for LTE applications.

The unique design of these antennas minimizes interference by utilizing a 65-degree gain pattern and ±45-degree slant dual polarization scheme. They are designed to provide high-gain and maximum coverage and feature improved front-to-back and pattern roll off that allows for higher spectral efficiency. The antennas operate in the popular frequency range of 3.3 GHz to 3.8 GHz and deliver VSWR from 1.5:1 to 1.7:1.

These antennas are perfect for use on crowded towers where the same or overlapping frequencies are being used. Additionally, the wide coverage design of the antennas reduces the overall tower space used, saving co-location costs for customers.

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