Ubicquia Unveils Mobile Industry's First Streetlight-Powered Small Cell

Ubicquia, a connected network and IoT platform provider, has unveiled Ubimetro, the mobile industry's first streetlight-powered small cell. It’s omni-directional antenna and NEMA socket plug & play platform make it compatible with more than 300 million streetlights globally.

Ubimetro is designed to help operators more rapidly densify their networks, improve wireless network capacity and increase macro network efficiency. The product's Qualcomm FSM-based architecture delivers enhanced mobile broadband, supports fiber, ethernet, broadband powerline and wireless backhaul while leveraging features including LAA and V-RAN that lay the foundation for ultra-dense 5G networks. It incorporates HeMS (HeNB Management System) software that provides Operational, Administration, Maintenance and Provisioning (OAM & P) for the distributed HeNB devices.

By leveraging the streetlight infrastructure and plug & play installation, Ubimetro will be able to give mobile operators a dedicated host and self-managed network with one of the industry's lowest total cost of ownership and fastest time to market.

The Ubimetro product, along with the recently announced Ubicell network and IoT router, will be demonstrated at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to be held from February 26th - March 1st in Ubicquia's meeting room, the Sercomm meeting room and the LoRa Alliance booth.