Blu Wireless Demonstrates Carrier Grade 60 GHz Modem for 5G Networks

Blu Wireless Technology is demonstrating its Carrier Grade 60 GHz modem technology for use in networks demanding low latency multi-gigabit throughput at the Mobile World Congress 2018. The demonstration shows interference-free functionality of multiple gigabit links when deployed in an extremely dense network.

By combining the unique and patented interference management and advanced network synchronization features present in Blu Wireless’ HYDRA modem, with the massive unlicensed mmWave spectrum available worldwide, partners can dramatically reduce the costs of deploying advanced multi-gigabit Fixed Wireless Access networks and 5G small cells.

If you are at MWC 2018 and would like to see this demonstration, you can contact Blu Wireless to arrange a meeting to gain further insights into other mmWave technology developments.

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