PCTEL Develops Augmented Reality Interference Hunting System

At MWC 2018, PCTEL is demonstrating its concept of augmented reality interference locating system called SeeWave. It is a handheld interference hunting tool, used by wireless operators to track down unwanted signals that harm network performance. PCTEL has used the HoloLens from Microsoft to allow users to visualize the spectrum and identify potential sources of interference in the real world.

Efficient interference hunting is critical as operators continue to add spectrum and maximize capacity from existing frequency bands for both 4G and 5G technologies. PCTEL’s concept for an augmented reality based interference detection system represents the future of test and measurement. It is made possible by SeeWave’s new user interface for Android tablets, which will make it faster and easier than ever to track down interference at its source using PCTEL’s flex scanning receivers. Click here to learn more about this technology.


  • Country: United States
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