RADWIN in Collaboration with Facebook and Intel Unveils mmWave Mesh Solution

RADWIN has unveiled a mmWave mesh solution at 60 GHz which is on display at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Complementing its leading and widely deployed sub-6 GHz PtMP/PtP portfolio, RADWIN’s innovative 60 GHz self-organizing wireless mesh solution leverages technologies from Terragraph, a 60 GHz multi-node wireless system introduced by Facebook that, delivers a low-cost solution for high-speed wireless access, complementing metro fiber. RADWIN’s uniquely advanced mesh solution had been developed in close collaboration with Intel.

Facebook's Terragraph technology is a 60 GHz, multi-node wireless system that delivers a low-cost solution for high-speed wireless access. Nokia's wireless passive optical network (WPON) technology provides a wireless gigabit drop to the home for broadband access networks.  Combining WPON with Terragraph's mesh-routing and multi-hop capabilities allows broadband providers to wirelessly deliver gigabit services over wider areas with high reliability and meet growing demands for ultra-broadband access.

RADWIN’s solution will be Terragraph-certified to enable a standardized and interoperable ecosystem based on 60 GHz technologies. Click here to learn more about Facebook's Terragraph technology.


  • Country: United States
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