Samsung Exhibits its 5G Commercial Solutions at MWC 2018

At Mobile World Congress, Samsung Electronics is showcasing its end-to-end 5G commercial solutions, unveiling new possibilities for the future of mobile communications. The demonstrations at the event leverage the capabilities of 5G technology to showcase unexplored service opportunities and business cases.

Samsung has developed the world’s first complete commercial 5G FWA solutions, which includes: commercial form-factor 5G home routers (CPEs) for both indoor and outdoor uses, 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) comprised of a radio access unit and virtualized RAN, a next-sgeneration core, as well as AI-powered 3D radio frequency planning tools and services. Using in-house technology and assets, Samsung has managed to develop the first commercial ASIC-based 5G modems and mmWave RFICs, enabling the design of compact access units and CPEs.

These products have already been proven through months of field trials in multiple markets. On February 23rd, 2018 the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved Samsung’s 5G access units. These are the first 5G millimeter-wave products in the world to secure government regulatory approval - a milestone achieved through close collaboration with the FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology.

The solutions will be deployed in the first commercial 5G network to be launched in 2018 in the United States. Samsung are also presenting their first 3GPP Release 15-compliant 5G NR products supporting spectrum bands both below and above 6 GHz, to be made available in 2018.

The solutions will enable 5G connectivity for deployments covering a broad range of use cases, greatly enhancing an operator’s ability to explore various business cases and scenarios.

They are also demonstrating a 5G-powered smart city at their MWC booth that showcases the difference next-generation technology can bring to streets and transportation. Other demonstrations show how 5G will work in homes, stadiums, cars and trains.

Samsung also showcased new LTE radio units and massive MIMO solutions, cloud platform, user-centric network optimization tools as well as services tailored to operators and enterprises’ specific needs.

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