Taoglas Launches an Online Marketplace for Antennas and Cables with 48 Hours Delivery Time

Taoglas has introduced two new ecommerce marketplaces that enable customers to build and order customized antennas, cables and connectors, with a stipulated delivery time of 48 hrs. Unveiled at MWC 2018, the Antenna Builder and Cable Builder are first-of-their-kind platforms that remove the complexity, potential for errors and lengthy process from ordering custom antennas and RF cable assemblies.

Antennas and RF cables are used widely in a wealth of wireless and IoT products, including those for automotive and transportation, utilities and smart grid, medical devices and many others. However, getting timely access to the correct antennas and custom cables has been a long and frustrating process for engineers and product design teams. Antenna Builder and Cable Builder offer step-by-step intelligent web-based order forms, allowing users to visualize the products as they are being constructed to ensure they are getting the exact solutions they need for their job. To expedite delivery, assembly takes place in one of Taoglas’ three purpose-built facilities around the world.

The Antenna Builder allows users to select from more than 20 application categories, and then choose antenna type, combination, mounting requirements and frequency combination. From a list of available antennas that match their parameters, engineers can then select the exact cable and connector they need for their application.

The Cable Builder allows users to select their desired specifications, including cable type, length, connector, orientation, and other specifications, in easy-to-use, pull-down boxes. Engineers can instantly see what the completed solution will look like, as well as receive pricing and a unique part number for future ordering.

Both the Antenna Builder and Cable Builder have built-in intelligence that eliminates incorrect choices through the marketplace’s extensive database of proper antenna applications, and cable and connector pairings. Ordering takes about five minutes online, compared to the traditional back-and-forth antenna and cable ordering process, which can take weeks to complete. After an order is placed, it is assembled and shipped immediately.

everything RF, has a similar tool that helps you find Antennas from the leading manufacturers based on specs.

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