Huawei Introduces 5G Multi-service Fronthaul Bearer Solution at MWC

Huawei has released a new 5G multi-service fronthaul bearer solution at the Mobile World Congress. The solution supports multiple types of services including mobile service transmission, cloud-based private line, and wide coverage of home broadband to help operators use one network for multiple purposes. The solution greatly reduces the network construction cost and site construction period and maximizes network value. The solution is key to Huawei's X-Haul 5G bearer solution, and will further consolidate the leading advantages of Huawei's X-Haul 5G.

5G applies not only to traditional communication, but also to future scenarios such as the Internet of Vehicles (IoV), smart manufacturing, and smart city. Huawei's 5G multi-service fronthaul bearer solution is based on the new-generation Turbo WDM technology. It provides the industry's first outdoor fronthaul equipment with 25 Gbps CPRI/eCPRI ports and multi-service processing and transmission capabilities, advantageous in supporting various service scenarios.

In mobile fronthaul scenarios, this solution can achieve 100 Gbps to the site with zero footprint and installation within 10 minutes. It can save 90% of optical fibers and meet the requirements of 4G/5G integrated fronthaul scenarios. In enterprise private line scenarios, this solution shortens the E2E service provisioning time from 1 to 2 days to 3 to 5 minutes. The Huawei-proprietary hitless switching feature can effectively meet the high requirements of financial institutes and governments for zero interruption of private line services. In home broadband scenarios, the solution can effectively reuse fiber/site resources and help operators quickly expand the home broadband market.

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