World's First 2.2-Meter Multiband Maritime Satcom Terminal to Connect Ships at All Times

Orbit Communications Systems, a provider of precision tracking-based communications solutions and airborne communications management systems, has unveiled the OceanTRx 7 Multiband - the world's first and only 2.2-meter multiband maritime satellite communications terminal capable of connecting ships everywhere at all times.

The OceanTRx 7 Multiband is a revolutionarily compact maritime satcom solution that offers industry-standard RF performance equivalent to a 2.4m (95") dish with a 2.7m (106") footprint. The key to this breakthrough is an extraordinarily-small footprint with outstanding RF performance relative to its size, strict regulatory compliance and support for multiple optional RF chains.

The multiband terminal takes up to 40% less deck space than industry-standard 2.4m (95") and 3.8m (150") systems and is more than 30% lighter than competitive solutions. Small enough to be shipped as a fully-assembled and tested unit in a standard 20-foot container, the OceanTRx 7 Multiband solution can be installed in half a day.

Key advantages include:

  • Electrical switching between C/Ka bands and Ku/Ka bands, respectively
  • Highly efficient dual-offset Gregorian 2.2m (87") antenna
  • Superior stabilization and tracking under severe sea conditions
  • Patented algorithm enabling seamless NGSO satellite handover

The new OceanTRx 7 Multiband C/Ka- and Ku/Ka-band stabilized maritime satcom solution enables high-speed and cost-effective Internet services over new-space LEO/MEO satellites in combination with legacy GEO satellites. Continuous service is assured by automatically transferring active links between setting and rising new-space satellites, for example, and by automatically switching to backup C- and Ku-band GEO links in the case of rain attenuation.

Orbit will exhibit its OceanTRx 7 Multiband at the Satellite 2018, on Wednesday, March 14, 2018. Click here to learn more about this product.

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