Qualcomm Launches 5G Modules to Simplify and Accelerate 5G Adoption in Smartphones and Major Verticals

Qualcomm has announced new Snapdragon 5G Module Solutions engineered to support original equipment manufacturers with an easy path to commercialize 5G in smartphones and major verticals quickly. By aggregating the most fundamental components of 5G into simple modules, Qualcomm aims to simplify end device designs, lowers total cost of ownership and support faster time to commercialization to ultimately accelerate new OEM entrants’ ability to adopt 5G in their systems.

The new 5G Module Solution integrates more than a thousand components across a few modules optimized to accelerate deployments and lower barriers to entry, by further eliminating complexities in device design. This highly integrated solution is designed to allow OEMs to combine a few simple modules for their designs rather than using more than a thousand components to construct their devices.

Qualcomm provides modules with integration of components to cover digital, RF, connectivity and front-end functionality. Key components include application processor, baseband modem, memory, power management integrated circuit (PMIC), RF Front-End (RFFE), antennas and passive components, providing optimized solutions engineered to make it easy for OEMs to be quickly up and running with lower cost and time investment. With sampling expected in 2019, customers can also soon benefit from a reduction in footprint of up to 30 percent compared to designs using discrete components.

The latest addition of the 5G Modules into Qualcomm’s rich component portfolio makes it the first company to make commercially available such revolutionary, turnkey 5G module solutions that will be crucial as the 5G era ushers in new opportunities and players into the mobile ecosystem. It is engineered to allow OEMs in a variety of industries to navigate the complexities of a new cellular generation while also empowering the global ecosystem to scale.


  • Country: United States
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