New USB/LAN Connected Power Sensor for Lab, Field, Production Test, Remote Monitoring and Embedded Environments

Boonton has introduced a new series of True Average Connected Power Sensors. The CPS2000 series have USB, LAN and PoE connectivity, a robust set of drivers, and fast measurement speeds. The power meters/sensors were designed to simplify integration and shorten test times in manufacturing and ATE environments. As RF and wireless technology becomes increasingly ubiquitous there is pressure to drive down the cost of test for next generation devices in areas such as 5G networks, driverless vehicles and electronic warfare. The CPS2000 sensors address the challenges faced by manufacturing test engineers by providing lower cost of test, higher measurement throughput and greater up time, all packaged into a future proof instrument with a variety of connectivity capabilities.

The CPS2000 shortens test times with unmatched throughput rates of more than 100 measurements per second. The wide frequency from 50 MHz to 8 GHz, and power measurement range from -40 dBm to +20 dBm provides high performance at a great price and ensures the ability to test a wide variety of cutting edge devices. The intuitive user interface and powerful programming tools provide easy access to all measurements as well as special features, such as multi-channel measurements, channel-to-channel math and strip chart recording. These product specifications and features make the CPS2000 as an ideal tool for high-volume manufacturing test.

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  • Country: United States
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