Exxelia Now Offering Larger Batches of High-Q Factor Dielectric Resonators

Exxelia, a provider of high Q-factor dielectric resonators for critical applications, is now offering larger batches of its E7000 dielectric resonator series for increased cost-effectiveness. This series of dielectric resonators has been designed for high-end filters where Q factor is critical, especially in space or military applications.

Dielectric resonators are designed to replace resonant cavities in microwave functions such as filters and oscillators. Exxelia with the support of ESA and CNES has developed the E7000 series that provides a narrow bandwidth with smaller size. It has been developed using Ba-Mg-Ta materials that combine an ultra-high Q factor and the possibility to get all the temperature coefficients upon request. It features the high-performance requested for space use in the frequency range from 5 to 32 GHz, and guarantees up to Qxf > 250 000 at 10 GHz.

Being one of the few manufacturers producing its own raw materials, Exxelia perfectly masters the production of dielectric resonators. Induced by the success of this new range, the company is now able to provide larger batches (up to 20kg of powder) of its E7000 series while keeping the exact same product properties, resulting in opportunities for cost-effective volume fabrication. Typical applications for the series include: Satellite multiplexing filter devices, radio links for communication systems (LMDS), military radars and more.

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