Teledyne Paradise Datacom to Launch New Solid State Power Amplifiers at SATELLITE 2018

Teledyne Paradise Datacom (Paradise) is set to unveil 3 new products for the SATCOM modem and SSPA (Solid State Power Amplifier) markets, at the Satellite 2018 event. The event will be hosted in Washington DC from March 12 - March 15.

The 200W Ka-band GaN Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA)

At 200W, this compact outdoor SSPA sets a new industry standard for solid state power amplification in the Ka-band GaN market. Operating in the 27.5 to 31.0 GHz range, this SSPA provides 200W CW saturated output power, and 100W linear output power. Building further on the Teledyne Paradise Datacom heritage of the rugged compact outdoor SSPA package, this new SSPA is the highest power solid state technology available in the Ka-band market.

The New Touch Screen Solid State Power Amplifier

Teledyne Paradise Datacom has developed a new 3RU Rack Mount SSPA with a user-friendly Touch Screen Display. The display can be customized by users by selecting up to eight (8) status parameters to monitor on the Custom Status Menu. Features of the new Touch Screen Display include System Fault Status, a ‘Set Signal Attenuation’ option, a Redundant System Mimic Panel, customizable Status, Fault, and ‘Quick Keys’ displays, and an N+1 Master System Summary. The Touch Screen is available for all Paradise Rack-Mountable amplifiers.

The QubeFlex Groundstation Modem for SmallSat Constellations

The latest innovation in Q-Series software-defined modems from Paradise, QubeFlex is engineered specifically for CubeSats and smallsats in general. The modem is a readily upgradeable and flexible product that provides high data rate support for Intelsat, CCSDS telemetry and other common space transmission standards to meet the challenges of LEO (low earth orbit) operations. It handles a wide range of common space packets protocols as well as unformatted data, and helps operators cope easily with the large Doppler frequency shifts that are common to LEO satellites.

The new modem provides direct handling of S band, saving expensive up/down conversion. It also converts the data stream to IP output at the ground station, thus providing operators with convenient onward computer data capture and analysis. QubeFlex delivers further advantages for smallsat ground station services with forward error correction, ensuring data is protected against transmission loss. High data rates ensure maximum data can be received on each satellite pass.

In effect, ground station operators can achieve faster time to market because QubeFlex is thoughtfully designed to save them having to constantly reinvent the wheel. As part of Teledyne’s end-to-end comms solution, it replaces the ‘do-it-yourself’ approach with a professional off-the-shelf solution that can easily adapt to evolving current and future needs.

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