Sinclair Technologies Introduces Next-Generation Public Safety Collinear Antennas

Sinclair Technologies, a Division of Norsat International introduced its next-generation public safety collinear antennas, the Aurora SC series, at the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) 2018 in Orlando, Florida.

Utilizing cutting-edge, field-proven PCB technology, the patent-pending Aurora design achieves an unparalleled combination of higher gain, wider bandwidth, highly consistent RF pattern, higher wind rating, and lighter weight, all in the smallest form factor. Designed to international standards (IEC62305 Part 1-4 and VDE 0855-300) and fulfilling the requirements of lightning protection class II, the Aurora SC series is fully DC-grounded and protected with a lightning spike through the top of the radome. Unbeatable, heavy-duty construction along with the enhanced wind rating, means these antennas can last for many years in the most challenging environments. The new Aurora SC series is ideal for public safety applications as it offers reliability, durability, and easy installation in a light weight and compact package.

The Aurora SC Series features:

  • Ultra-Wide Bandwidth: Patent-pending PCB design covers wider frequency ranges and higher gains creating more efficient and effective communication systems.
  • Low Noise Characteristics: Industry-leading -150 dBc PIM rating. The Aurora SC series is ideal for public safety applications and trunking systems.
  • Rugged Construction: UV-protected radome and heavy-duty materials allow for long life span in harsh environments.
  • Easy-to-Install: Lighter weight and small wind-loading profile allows for easy installation.
  • Multiple Options: Electrical downtilt, null fill, PIP-rated, and inverted versions available.

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