Ball Aerospace to Showcase Phased Array Antennas and Remote Sensing Capabilities at SATELLITE 2018

Ball AerospaceBall Aerospace is demonstrating its Phased Array Antennas, Optical Communications and Remote Sensing Capabilities for Commercial and Government Applications at SATELLITE 2018. Ball's expertise in space-based and tactical remote sensing systems including phased-array antenna systems, optical communications, persistent imaging and data analytics are transforming the commercial marketplace in terms of accessibility and affordability.

Ball is shaping transformational communications with its line of low-cost phased-array antennas for both satellite communications (SATCOM) and 5G connectivity. Ball's phased array SATCOM antennas enable reliable connectivity in the L-, X-, Ku- and Ka-band spectrums, including in-flight connectivity, delivering broadband high data-rate communication and video streaming. In addition, its new 5G Rapid Prototype Phased Array with Anokiwave, Inc. will help enable the future of 5G connectivity.

Ball is also delivering reliable, high-speed, high-bandwidth connectivity - between satellites and to and from space - using its innovative, high-bandwidth inter-satellite links and Earth-to-space links. Their optical communications systems meet customers' need for data at the speed of light and connect the world faster and more securely.

Ball's expertise in remote sensing is translating to new commercial markets, from low-cost sensors and spacecraft to open-source software and data analytics, to persistent, high-resolution data from a variety of platforms. Ball is meeting customer demand for near real-time actionable intelligence with its deep understanding of sensors, platforms, missions and analytics.

Ball's phased-array antennas, optical communications technology, sensors and data analytics capabilities will be on display at Booth #1817 in the Exhibit Hall at SATELLITE 2018. Ball Aerospace leaders will also share their knowledge in the following series of high-level panel discussions:

Monday, March 12:

  • "SGx Keynote Series & Speed Mentoring." Hosted by the Future Space Leaders Foundation and the Space Generation Advisory Council, this program connects young professionals and industry veterans in the satellite community. Ball Aerospace's director of government relations, Joe Vealencis, will speak during the event. Several Ball representatives will also be participating in the speed mentoring sessions. Room 207A throughout the day.
  • "The New Economics and Costs of Building Constellations." The panel discussion will feature Debra D. Facktor, Ball Aerospace vice president and general manager, strategic operations, along with other industry experts. Room 206 at 9:45 a.m.

Tuesday, March 13:

  • "Startup Space." Startup Space gives entrepreneurs a chance to pitch their space startup idea to a panel of highly qualified, experienced and accomplished space professionals, investors, thought leaders and fellow entrepreneurs. Ball Aerospace's Facktor will give welcoming remarks. Dave Fischer, strategic operations senior manager, will serve as a judge and Jeff Smith, volunteering for the Space Frontier Foundation, helped organize Startup Space. SATELLITE Unveiled Theater, Booth 1152, Exhibit Hall, from 10:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Wednesday, March 14:

  • "New Antennas, New Opportunities." The panel will feature Pete Moosbrugger, Ball Aerospace chief technologist, phased array and RF technology, as well as other leaders in the aerospace industry. Room 201 at 1:45 p.m.

Thursday, March 15:

  •  "Advances in Earth Imagery and Data Capturing Technology." The discussion will feature Alex Chernushin, Ball Aerospace director of commercial operations, and other panelists from the aerospace industry. Room 201 at 10:00 a.m.

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