IMT Vislink to Unveil New KA-Band Satellite Data Terminal at SATELLITE 2018

At SATELLITE 2018IMT Vislink is debuting a new satellite data terminal. The Vislink AirPro-75 is a small, lightweight, low-cost, single-button deployment IP satellite data terminal for use with Eutelsat’s Tooway & ViaSat Exede services. It is a fully motorized, driveaway antenna system with full auto-acquisition functionality. The Vislink AirPro-75 features a 75 cm Ka-Band antenna. Future models include 120 cm Ka-Band systems and a motorized feed to provide support for linear polarization (in 120 cm system).

Additional IMT and Vislink solutions that are on display at the event, include the MSAT-120 satellite video & data terminal, MicroLite 2 HD ultra-compact COFDM wireless transmitter, HCAM HEVC/UHD wireless transmitter and ViewBack low latency dual channel diversity receiver-decoder.

The Mantis MSAT is a highly portable, lightweight, tri-band satellite terminal that can be set up anywhere to provide secure and non-secure data and video transmission in as little as five minutes. It supports X- and Ku-band configurations ensuring worldwide coverage is available at all times.

The MicroLite 2 transmitter features HD/SD-SDI and HDMI inputs with COFDM transmission in a small, lightweight chassis. It delivers up to 250 mW of power, providing long-range, reliable HD video transmission. IMT’s COFDM technology ensures the transmission of uninterrupted, live TV pictures over two miles Line-of-Sight (LOS), despite the effects of foliage, challenging terrain, buildings and other common non-line-of-sight limitations.

The HCAM represents the next generation of HEVC 4K UHD wireless transmitters and features user-interchangeable RF modules and a range of software options. With highly flexible and configurable mounting options and intuitive video interfaces, the unit can be mounted to broadcast cameras, ENG cameras and even prosumer cameras to broaden the market reach.

The Vislink ViewBack is a lightweight, low-power, low-latency, dual-channel diversity receiver-decoder, intended primarily to provide reception of return studio video transmission back to the camera operator. Functioning in the 2 GHz-licensed band, the receiver supports Vislink’s proprietary robust LMS-T demodulation in addition to low-latency H.264 decoding. Outputs include HDMI and HDSDI, the latter being switchable, in wireless camera applications, between the local camera video and the return received video.

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