Dual Antenna Solution Provides High Availability and Security at Sea

Stabilized satellite antenna systems provider, Intellian, is launching its Inmarsat approved GX Mediator. GX Mediator is a device that takes care of switching between two GX antennas allowing for seamless coverage by mitigating blockage. This solution is ideal for ships that require the highest levels of availability and security at sea.

With the GX Mediator, a ship may install and use two identical GX antennas and use them with a single service package. Both antennas receive the satellite signal, with one antenna designated as the primary and the other taking the role of secondary. If the connection of the primary antenna is degraded, the GX Mediator will automatically and seamlessly switch to the secondary antenna, without user intervention and with no loss of connectivity. In this way, users can maintain a strong and uninterrupted connection to their critical data infrastructure, no matter the conditions at sea or in port.

Inmarsat and Intellian have worked in close partnership to offer compelling products based on the GX platform to the maritime industry. Inmarsat’s Fleet Xpress service integrates GX Ka-band and FleetBroadband L-band into a converged offering that provides high speed and high reliability. The Intellian GX mediator increases resiliency while simplifying the onboard experience and this ease of use has contributed to Intellian’s market leading position within the GX ecosystem.

The GX Mediator is able to control and manage two GX antennas simultaneously to deliver an uninterrupted connection all the time by preventing network outages if one of the antennas fails due to unexpected conditions such as shipboard obstruction, or blockage due to local geography. It can be accessed and configured via Aptus Web, Intellian’s intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI), accessed through a Web. With Aptus Web, a user can view the current status and manage both antennas from a powerful and user-friendly interface.

The GX Mediator is available for purchase and is stocked in its three Global Logistics centers in Seoul, Rotterdam and Irvine.