GF's Partner Program to Enable Fast Development of Products for Wireless, Radar and 5G Applications

GLOBALFOUNDRIES has launched a new ecosystem partner program, called RFwave, designed to simplify RF design and help customers reduce time-to-market for the new era of wireless devices and networks.

In the last few years we have seen an increasing demand for connected devices and systems that will require innovations in radio technologies to support the new modes of operation and higher capabilities. The RFwave Partner Program builds upon GF’s 5G vision and roadmap, with a focus on the company’s industry-leading radio frequency (RF) solutions, such as FD-SOI, RF CMOS (bulk and advanced CMOS nodes), RF SOI and silicon germanium (SiGe) technologies. The program provides a low-risk, cost-effective path for designers seeking to build highly optimized RF solutions for a range of wireless applications such as IoT across various wireless connectivity and cellular standards, standalone or transceiver integrated 5G front end modules, mmWave backhaul, automotive radar, small cell and fixed wireless and satellite broadband.

RFwave enables customers to build innovative RF solutions as well as packaging and test solutions. Initial partners have committed a set of key offerings to the program, including:

  • Tools (EDA) that complement industry leading design flows by adding specific modules to easily leverage features of GF’s RF technology platforms,
  • A comprehensive library of design elements (IP), including foundation IP, interfaces and complex IP to enable foundry customers to start their designs using pre-validated IP elements,
  • Resources (design consultation, services), trained and globally distributed, for Partners to gain easy access to support in developing solutions using GF’s RF technologies

The RFwave Partner Program creates an open framework to allow selected partners to integrate their products or services into a validated, plug-and-play catalog of design solutions. This level of integration allows customers to create high-performance designs while minimizing development costs through access to a broad set of quality offerings, specific to RF technology. The partner ecosystem positions members and customers to take advantage of ubiquitous connectivity and the broad adoption of GF’s industry-leading RF technology platforms.

Initial members of the RFwave Partner Program are: asicNorth, Cadence, CoreHW, CWS, Keysight Technologies, Spectral Design, and WEASIC. These companies have already initiated work to deliver innovative, highly optimized RF solutions.