Sercomm Unveils New Series of LTE-M IoT Devices

Sercomm has introduced a new series of LTE-M IoT devices. With the advantages of extended transmission range, a lengthened battery life, and better mobility, Sercomm's full range of LTE-M IoT devices offers ideal solutions for applications including youth/senior safety, asset protection, smart meter, transportation and environment monitoring. Leveraging the fully-deployed LTE-M network service of Orange, a leading telecommunication operator in Europe, Sercomm's new LTE-M devices answer the needs of numerous markets to catch the upcoming IoT business opportunities.

Sercomm's new LTE-M devices support the Orange Datavenue Live Objects IoT service, which offers a set of tools to facilitate the interconnection between devices and applications for connectivity, device management, message routing, and data management. With the API Interfaces defined by Live Objects, device makers could easily create an app.

The development of the LTE-M network is part of Orange’s strategy to provide a full range of IoT connectivity options for customers through Datavenue. The availability of the LTE-M devices enables customers to start developing their LTE-M applications before the full networks are launched in 2018. Orange believes that LTE-M is a perfect match for a wide range of IoT use cases in Industry 4.0, fleet management and asset tracking.

Coupling with the full coverage of the Orange LTE-M network, Sercomm demonstrated the LTE-M trackers at Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, Spain.

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