Movandi Introduces BeamX 5G RF Front-End 28 GHz and 39 GHz Millimeter Wave Solutions

Movandi has started sampling an industry breakthrough and innovative approach to radio frequency (RF) front-end design with its BeamX solutions for fixed and mobile networks. Movandi’s BeamX solutions are truly unique since they were designed and optimized as a complete RF front-end and provide unmatched performance, cost and size advantages that unlock the potential of 5G and other multi-gigabit networks.

Movandi’s new BeamX 28 and BeamX 39 solutions provide a fully integrated RF front-end system in a modular, high performance design to support a broad range of 5G millimeter wave applications, from base stations, small cells, and mobile broadband access points. The complete RF front-end solution optimizes the antenna to baseband interface and integrates RF, PA and LNA, up and down converters, and frequency synthesizer/PLL. The combination of Movandi’s RF front-end with advanced beamforming algorithms and calibration techniques deliver superior performance in emerging mmWave networks.

BeamX Product Highlights:

  • Complete RF front-end solution: Optimizes the antenna to baseband interface and integrates RF PA and LNA, up and down converters, and frequency synthesizer/PLL.
  • Modular architecture: Scalable to support 16 to 256 element array sizes. Enables support for fixed networks from base stations, small cells, and fixed broadband access points to mobile from hot spots to tablets and laptops.
  • High performance and high efficiency design: The RF front-end has been designed to support the full bandwidth and 256-QAM, ensuring compatibility beyond Release 15.
  • Flexible beam support: Simultaneous and independent dual polarization and dual beam operation with ability to scale up to 32 simultaneous beams with independent polarization.
  • System level calibration: Robust performance achieved through online (on-the-fly) calibration with devices and across devices in array.
  • High speed beam forming: Low-latency beam switching and high-resolution, on-chip beam-book memory.
  • Consistency across array: Automatic phase and frequency synchronized sub-arrays support high performance across larger phased arrays.
  • Cost optimized: Modular using mature bulk CMOS process and standard substrates for antennas and system boards.

Movandi is sampling BeamX 28 GHz solutions to its early access partners including OEMs, service providers and operators. They were showcasing this technology at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier this month.