Dual Band Microwave Antenna from RFS Lowers Costs and Provides Better Capacity over Longer Distances

Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) has developed a new dual band antenna solution to enable mobile operators to keep up with increasing capacity demands, better utilize available spectrum, reduce installation costs, and cut down on tower leasing fees.

RFS will offer compact 1ft and 2ft dual band solutions to support a traditional frequency band plus the higher frequency E-Band from a single antenna. The ability to combine a low frequency band that has good propagation properties and a higher frequency band which has greater capacity will allow carriers to leverage the benefits of both bands - supporting higher capacities and broader availability over longer distances.

Carrier aggregation with a single dual band antenna has been demonstrated to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and result in CAPEX/OPEX savings by minimizing transportation needs, installation time, and tower loading and rental fees.

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