TMD to Showcase Next-Gen Solid State Amplifiers for Scientific and Medical Applications

Microwave and RF manufacturer TMD Technologies will be attending this year’s International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC) to be held in Vancouver from April 29 to May 04, 2018. The IPAC is the ideal platform for TMD to highlight its potential in providing cutting edge products for mainstream science as well as the opportunity to meet and interact with relevant accelerator scientists, engineers, students, and industry representatives.

TMD’s modular architecture, solid state RF amplifiers employ innovative power combining methods to give many user benefits. The systems are very compact, typically one 19-inch rack houses a 100 kW (pulse) amplifier system that operates from 20 MHz to 1.3 GHz. Operating as CW/pulse systems (with long pulse systems available) they have a wall plug efficiency competitive with tube technology.

With high MTBF and low MTTR, these highly efficient amplifiers are robustly resistant to VSWR mismatch, are easily maintainable with ‘hot swap’ availability, and exhibit no loss of power from any single element failure. The amplifiers can be combined to provide MW power capability.

Other products from TMD’s extensive portfolio include high power, very low phase noise travelling wave tube (TWT) amplifiers, brazed UHV components, and electron guns.

TMD’s collaboration with the Rosatom-NIITFA organization has now enabled them to offer the scientific world a range of solid state amplifiers that are not only revolutionary, but also ultra-available to customers. With a host of advanced features, these amplifiers are ideal for many applications, including synchrotrons; LINACs for scientific, experimentation/particle physics and spallation systems; medical therapy equipment; and cyclotrons for radioisotope production – with the ability to upgrade existing systems.

TMD will be represented at the IPAC’18 by Richard Patrick, Business Development Manager and Imad Gharib, Sales Manager, RF & Microwave Amplifiers.


  • Country: United Kingdom
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