New Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LTE Module to Streamline Integration for IoT Applications

Telit has released a new module that advances the ability to deliver LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth integration for IoT applications including security panels, video bridges, medical devices, telematics and remote sensors.

The WE866C3 is a low power, high bandwidth 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.2 module with a small footprint that provides an easy and cost-effective way for manufacturers to add wireless connectivity to new and existing products. Advanced LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth coexistence dramatically reduces complexity designing cellular back haul with the LE910Cx 4G LTE module family, making the WE866C3 ideal for a wide range of IoT applications including commercial building automation, OEM telematics, fleet management and video surveillance.

The module shortens time to market with off-the-shelf cloud connectivity through deviceWISE, over-the-air firmware updating, support for WPA/WPA2 personal and enterprise security and more. Developer tools, engineering support and comprehensive global certifications make it easy for integrators and OEMs to upgrade or launch new products.

Key Features of the WE866C3

  • xE866 Telit form-factor, Wi-Fi companion device for LE910Cx (4G LTE) module family
  • High Bandwidth (1x1 dual band 802.11 ac) Wi-Fi transceiver module for Linux, Android, WinCE based IoT system
  • Bluetooth 4.2 + HS and Bluetooth low energy (BLE)
  • Integrated LTE-WiFi/BT coexistence filter
  • Pre-Certified for FCC, IC, CE, Wi-Fi, BT
  • Single antenna for Wi-Fi and BT
  • Industrial grade temperature range

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