Bulgarian Communications Regulations Commission Enhances RF Monitoring with R&S Software

Bulgaria’s Communications Regulations Commission (CRC) has implemented features such as remote control and automatic test sequences to make its network more efficient and put the agency on a path to complying fully with the latest ITU standards. To do this, the CRC has acquired and deployed the state-of-the-art R&S ARGUS 6.1 spectrum monitoring software. Ensuring interference-free reception of radiocommunications services is one of the CRC’s primary missions, and its system is one of the largest in Central & Eastern Europe.

The acquisition confirms the CRC’s long-standing technology relationship with Rohde & Schwarz. The CRC’s system consists of 21 fixed and 8 mobile stations that use several types of Rohde & Schwarz receivers and direction finders acquired over the past 20 years. R&S ARGUS 6.1 will also play a vital role in enhancing the operation of Bulgaria’s large, complex national monitoring system. The software supports interactive operation and fully automatic measurements that allow preconfigured and autonomous monitoring of the spectrum in remote stations.

The CRC’s spectrum monitoring system is already experiencing the benefits of the performance and operational efficiency R&S ARGUS 6.1 offers, including:

  • Measurements and analysis in line with the ITU spectrum monitoring handbook and ITU recommendations
  • Map-based operation and system status display
  • Open interface to exchange data with spectrum management applications
  • Simple scalability due to modular software architecture
  • Strong focus on user support

Upgrading the software with R&S ARGUS 6.1 lays the foundation for the nationwide regeneration of the CRC’s spectrum monitoring system. The next step is to plan the extension of system hardware, i.e. monitoring receivers or direction finders. These improvements will increase operational efficiency and enhance the overall spectrum monitoring capabilities, future-proof and scalable.

Rohde & Schwarz has been globally successful in the spectrum monitoring field for decades. The company’s system solutions meet all applicable requirements and recommendations of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the United Nations (UN) specialized agency that regulates frequency use. Click here to learn more.

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