Rogers Introduces Laminates & Bonding Materials for Advanced mm-Wave Multi-Layer Designs

Rogers Corporation has introduced a set of next generation products designed to meet the existing and emerging needs of advanced millimeter wave multi-layer designs.

The RO4835T laminates, offered in a 2.5 mil, 3 mil and 4 mil core thickness, are 3.3 Dk, low loss, spread glass reinforced, ceramic filled thermoset materials designed for inner-layer use in multilayer board designs, and complement RO4835 laminates when thinner cores are needed.

These laminates offer the same resistance to oxidation as RO4835 laminates, are low loss, have excellent Dk tolerance, and a tight thickness control for outstanding, repeatable wireless performance. They feature high performance material attributes that provide the optimum blend of price, performance and durability, and can be fabricated using standard epoxy/glass (FR-4) processes.

Key Features

  • Glass reinforced hydrocarbon thermoset platform
  • Spread glass
  • Multiple thin thickness offerings
  • Low z-axis CTE
  • Flame retardant laminate


Rogers has also introduced RO4450T Bonding Materials that are 3.2-3.3 Dk, low loss, spread glass reinforced, ceramic filled bonding materials that have been designed to complement the RO4835T and the existing RO4000 laminate family, and come in 3 mil, 4 mil or 5 mil thicknesses.

RO4835T laminates and RO4450T bonding materials exhibits excellent Dk control for repeatable electrical performance, a low z axis expansion for plated through hole reliability, and are compatible with standard epoxy/glass (FR-4) processes. These materials are an excellent choice for multilayer designs requiring sequential laminations, as fully cured RO4000 products are capable of withstanding multiple lamination cycles. RO4835T laminate and RO4450T bondply have the UL 94 V-0 flame retardant rating, and are compatible with lead-free processes.

Lastly, Rogers has introduced CU4000 and CU4000 LoPro Foils are sheeted foil options for designers looking for foil lamination builds, and provide good outer layer adhesion when used with RO4000 products.

Rogers CU4000 foil is intended for MLB designs using RO4000 cores and prepreg materials requiring foil bonded outer layers. CU4000 ED foil is a high performance single side treated electrodeposited copper foil with increased mechanical bonding area designed to provide high peel strength on RO4400 series prepregs. All CU4000 LoPro foil is reverse treated electrodeposited copper foil. This uses a thin adhesive layer to promote increased bond of smooth copper to dielectric layers, with low conductor loss for reduced insertion loss at higher frequencies. The CU4000 and CU4000 LoPro foils enable simplified registration and reduced fill requirements for prepreg layers when used in foil lamination MLB constructions. They are designated as an IPC-4562 Grade 3, High Temperature Elongation copper foil. Click here to learn more abou the foils.

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