Wireless Charging Module Developed for Aircraft Cabins

Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems (AES) has introduced a wireless charging module (WCM) that enables passengers to charge their latest personal electronic devices (PEDs) wirelessly while on board an aircraft.

Optimized for aircrafts, this innovative product provides safe, fast, wireless charging for devices, such as smartphones. The WCM easily integrates into the cabin environment with placement options in passenger seats, furniture or galleys, and provides an industry-leading output of up to 15 W in support of quick charging enabled devices. Through innovative technology, Astronics’ design ensures a wide placement radius for the PED to receive the charge, making it user-friendly.

Over 70 models of smartphones are now enabled with Qi wireless charging. As airline passengers carry these devices on board, wireless charging will be an expected amenity. Providing passengers with this cable-free convenience will create a positive experience and help airlines cultivate a loyal customer base. Astronics envisions the WCM as an additional method of charging PEDs along with the existing EmPower products.

For more than 20 years, Astronics has developed and delivered intelligent power management systems to the world’s aerospace industry. With more than one million outlet units delivered, the patented EmPower in-seat power system is currently in service with over 230 airlines. For more information on the Wireless Charging Module, click here.

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