COMPRION Launches New NFC Oscilloscope

COMPRION has released a new Oscilloscope that has been developed specifically for NFC. The Oscilloscope has the speciality of offering a great selection of various NFC and ISO triggers, which are useful for resolving communication issues at the analog and digital level. The envelope calculation can additionally be configured and displayed immediately. All this means that this oscilloscope can be used to measure signals according to NFC, EMVCo, or ISO very easily. The oscilloscope is immediately available with Design Validation Center R1.1, SESAMES award-winning software for design validation of NFC-enabled devices.

Till now you needed a lot of expertise, time, and patience to find analog interference signals in NFC communication using a traditional oscilloscope. It can take hours: configuring the oscilloscope, importing the recorded data into an environment for analysis, calculating the envelope signal, offline decoding. All this can make the search for a collision in the recording very tedious or even impossible.

Using the new integrated NFC oscilloscope by COMPRION, it takes only two steps to reach the goal:

  1. Set high-level trigger
  2. Start measurement (single shot or continuous trigger)

The envelope signal and the NFC measurement results are displayed immediately.

The NFC oscilloscope facilitates the work of test and development engineers significantly, in particular when they want to optimize the design of NFC-enabled devices or resolve communication issues on the analog level. It is important to identify and resolve problems as early as possible before they cause unnecessarily high costs in later stages of development.

Design Validation Center is the software frame of COMPRION's modular solution CL Development Line designed especially for the development of the contactless interface of NFC-enabled (mobile) devices as well as for contactless smart cards and tags.

Door handles of cars, contactless readers, contactless cards, wearables and many other form factors equipped with NFC technology can be examined, before entering the market. It offers a wide range of magnetic field analysis options, as for example vector field measurement and reader sensitivity.

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