Airgain Unveils MIMO 9-in-1 Antenna for Fleet Communications

Airgain has introduced its first antenna in a series of antennas designed to support state-of-the-art communications technology in fleet routers, including the Cradlepoint IBR1700.

The new ULTRAMAX MIMO 9-in-1 antenna will help improve public safety and fleet solutions with enhanced Wi-Fi capability, and is the first of its kind to include 6x6 MIMO Wi-Fi, Dual LTE, and multi-GNSS technology antennas in a single enclosure. This antenna provides the ultimate in Wi-Fi support – with integrated 6x6 Wi-Fi antennas, providing support for full HD streaming video and other high bandwidth applications.

The new antenna is equipped with 9 ports, supporting tri-band Wi-Fi, LTE/MIMO (including Band 14 for FirstNet), and GNSS. With a single compact footprint, the antenna promotes ease of installation, avoiding multiple mounting and cable entry points associated with existing solutions. The new antenna includes high rejection GNSS technology with coverage for multiple satellite systems including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou (BDS) satellite systems.

The ULTRAMAX MIMO 9-in-1 antenna is the only single unit antenna that complements Cradlepoint’s IBR1700 and supports all six of its Wi-Fi ports. It will be available to order starting June through Airgain’s trusted channel partners.