Wireless Charging Platform Integrates Receiver and Battery Charger on a Single IC

Semtech has unveiled its next-generation LinkCharge LP (low power) wireless charging platform. The new platform combines the receiver and battery charger in a single IC making it ideal for very small footprint applications, including wearable devices, tablet keyboards and LoRa-based sensors.

The new IC is a 2.3 mm x 2.3 mm full-integrated wireless receiver with an integrated a Li-Ion or Li-Polymer battery charger. The LinkCharge LP wireless charging platform provides a system rail pin with a switch to charge the battery and power the system at the same time. The wireless charger provides up to 250 mA of charging current and is designed to work with Semtech’s evaluation module (EVM). In addition, LinkCharge LP is able to charge multiple LoRa-based sensors with no connected wires.

Next-Generation LinkCharge LP Applications:

  • Wearable devices (i.e. watches, bracelets, fitness bands, smart jewelry, smart glasses)
  • Health monitors and small medical applications
  • Electric toothbrushes
  • Earphones and hearing aids
  • Tablet keyboards and styli
  • LoRa-based sensors

Semtech’s LinkCharge wireless charging platform provides a range of solutions to enable wireless power in next-generation products for consumers, infrastructure and industrial applications. It includes the LinkCharge 40 Series, the LinkCharge 20 Series, the LinkCharge CT series, and the LinkCharge LP. The LinkCharge platform is compatible with the major industry standards ensuring end products can quickly charge any wireless charging-equipped device even as the industry adoption continues to grow and evolve. LinkCharge LP is immediately available through Semtech. For more information, click here.


  • Country: United States
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